“If you can imagine two hands that with precise and harmonious gestures seem to dance mid-air—hot water, steam, ground coffee and milk finally create the perfect image of a storm in a coffee cup—perhaps you can intuit our dream.“

We are boisterous, our designs are unpredictable and we challenge current thinking and trends to change the directions people are going. This is how Storm evolves by searching for new, better and more precise ways of interfacing. Our concept of ergonomics is unique because we are convinced there is a poetics to using a coffee machine.

We are unique because movement is our concept of the machine. From the water in movement in the boilers—pressurized, boiled, evaporated—to the theatrical gesture that explores the perfection of a curve of delivery, to the expectant expression while awaiting the cup of coffee: it is all design.

Total, indissoluble coherence between technology and aesthetics. Coherence in forms that are radical and do not adhere to current trends, but are always the result of an operational-based concept involving the barista, interaction with the customer and the ability to lend character to the environment.

Machines with a style that is always elegant, highly feminine and with a classic essence and use of prestigious materials.

Storm’s refined design is the result of a cooperation with the eccelence of Italy, as the limited edition created by Adriano Design for De Castelli.