We are not academics. We are an Agora, the hub of city-states in ancient Greece.
We are curious, adventurers, inventors, lovers of error and its potential for opening the way to unexpected possibilities. We want to listen to and offer our machines to all those looking to fully explore their potential.
Our spaces, both within the company and around our machines throughout the world are the Agora in which to gather, explore and share. Visits, round tables and meetings with collaborators, whether artisans, coffee roasters, baristas or sailors.

We are a futuristic brand precisely because we are enamored of tradition. We want to be sure that this tradition we love so much, that of coffee, is utilized enjoyably and correctly in the future, for all people around the world. For us, the future is not just a corporate issue. The future involves the children of today and the world that can grow together with them. At the heart of our Fight For The Future project, children are synonymous with the future. On every road Storm travels towards the future, children are the passengers. We have very precise ideas about social and environmental issues.
If they don’t exist, the future will never work.
Fight For The Future. And, above all, fight for changing the idea of what a company that makes coffee machines is about and what its responsibility and role is in the future of society and our planet.


Whether they are with people who know nothing about coffee, are sector specialists or those who actually comprehend the social and environmental background behind it.
People who give meaning to our values.

My ideal machine must guarantee maximum ergonomics. Storm allows me to move effortlessly, to have the space I need, to have direct eye contact with my guests.

Arnon Thitiprasert


Storm gives me maximum extraction customization, thanks to the pre-infusion, pressure and temperature control ... I couldn’t ask for more from a machine!

Michalis Dimitrakopoulos


Arnon Thitiprasert began working as a barista in Sydney in 2007 after having left his home town in southern Thailand. In 2017, he was named World Latte Art Champion at the World of Coffee event in Budapest. He is the founder of Ristr8to, Ristr8to Lab and Doppio Ristr8to in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Michalis Dimitrakopoulos is the barista at The Underdog and The Rabbit Punch in Athens. In 2016, Michalis became the first Greek Coffee In Good Spirits champion and, subsequently, world champion during Hotelex in Shanghai. Three years later, in 2019, he won second place in the major World Barista Champion competition during the Specialty Coffee Expo in Boston.